Prince Edward Island Has Gamay?


I have many friends from PEI, I have many friends who have been to PEI, heck even I have been to PEI and not ever was I aware that there was a vineyard let alone several vineyards on the island.  So, the fact that a friend recently brought me a Matos Winery Gamay Noir was a bit weird.  Maybe I should have known about this.  Maybe I also shouldn’t have bought that Duran Duran album way back when, but one learns.

Man oh man, did I ever get a surprise upon opening this one.  I love Gamay almost as much as Pinot Noir.  Hell, I even spent a ridiculously expensive year of highschool in Lyon which allowed me countless Beaujolais tours (maybe not countless but certainly enough that I can’t remember).  This was by far the most surprising Gamay I have had.  Honestly I had no expectations given what (obviously) little I knew about the Island of red sand, brilliant oysters and Anne of Green Gables.  I thought of it as a novelty, a bottle my friend bought to simply say “Hey you like wine and I was on PEI so here is a gift.”  Like a snowglobe from Vegas or something.

Alas, like most things in my life, I was wrong.

This was a really fun Gamay.  A bigger Gamay than I am used to, but really quite nice.  Earthy big cherry flavours and a bit leathery, in the good sense, not the worn glove sense.  I’d truly buy this if I were able to in my province.  The local Gamays in my corner of the earth are beautiful but this has a very noticeable difference.  It’s not stronger in alcohol but it is indeed bolder.

Well done PEI, sorry for my assumptions!  Website: Matos Winery