Value South Africa

A bit late posting this but just had to share quickly before I forgot!  I’ve long been a fan of Nederburg’s wines having been introduced to them by a friend who moved here from South Africa.  It’s a massive company producing mainstream wines.  Generally average price and well worth every cent.  This particular wine really just popped into my line of sight recently.  I had tasted the Shiraz’s, the Cab’s and the Winemaster’s line but this one seemed frankly too cheap to be true.

This 2015 56 Hundred line is a blend of Shiraz and Cab Merlot, which is pretty routine for Nederburg and it would appear it is for the value conscious and really just a quick and easy wine to serve in a group on a patio.  Nothing big about it really but a solid taste for a backyard gathering.  It was leathery and earthy and dark cherry-ish – nothing unexpected here, but the price.

So if you are looking for an 11 buck wine that packs a decent punch this is the one I’d grab in heartbeat.  Click here for Nederburg’s flashy site!




Raven Conspiracy


This caught my eye at the LCBO (Ontario) at the end of an aisle.  One reason being its intriguing name and label (Poe fan here), but more importantly it was discounted!

Now, I am not a huge fan of blends.  I can’t tell you why, they just seem to confuse me, but this one was really, REALLY good.  It’s called Deep Dark, and that may be a bit of a stretch as it is lighter than similar blends that have been promoted as “Dark”.  I was never really sold on the Apothic Red/Dark thing – maybe on a very cold day in the winter I could be convinced, but I just found it way too heavy.  If I wanted heavy and dark I’d spring for an Amarone.  In any case, this wine is essentially like a wimpy Apothic Red/Dark – but in a very, very good way.

It took a bit of searching around but I did find that this wine is mirrored by another Deep Dark but made with British Columbia grown grapes as opposed to this one which is from the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario.  I’d be very curious to see how it compares.  I was scratching my head wondering who actually produced this wine as it was not to be found anywhere on the label.  It took a bit of digging online but I did find a reference to Peller (Niagara) having made the wine.  I really don’t know why that would not be apparent on the label but maybe that’s to build up the mysterious side, who knows.

Regardless, I will buy more as this was a super fun wine to taste, not sure why it’s discounted, maybe it’s reached its end of production but if you can get it, do so!  I expected far less from this bottle than it delivered.   This one I totally do not regret.

(Update: after speaking with the LCBO store I found out that this wine was not discounted across all stores, just the one I had visited as they were making shelf space by discounting wines that werent selling in their location).