Here is where you can praise me or yell at me, your choice really.  Tell me I’m wrong, give me a suggestion, whatever – uncork……..

If you’re a winemaker write me!  Invite me!  Tell me about your product and your passion!  I want hear from you and if I can, I want to visit, I love people who love their craft!

Publications – if you are a publication and want an article let me know.  We can work all the sordid details out later.  I’m no author, I’m no poet but dammit I’ll write about good liquid and I’ll try and use spell check as much as I can.  Just for you!  Your publication is probably better than my little corner on the web but if you want an adjective-laden article on why salumi doesn’t work well with Pinot Noir, I am your guy.

Samples: Of course you can send me your samples – who the hell would turn that down? But, here’s the deal on that:  A sample does not guarantee a good review, in fact if it’s something that I really didn’t like I won’t review it at all.  I’m not here to bash products, that’s not my gig and I leave that to critics who are paid infinitely more than I (which is zero – meaning I control the content and therefore get to post or ignore what I choose.  So there).  Also it had better be wine related.  Wine itself is obvious but products with which to enjoy wine (corkscrews, decanter, whatever) also make sense and I’d be pleased to try them out!  Tea doesn’t make sense.  Plates with orange elephants painted on them do not make sense.  (I’m not anti-Tea or anti-Orange-Elephants, I just can’t help you out here).

Email me for further info.