This site is for me to review wines that I think you’ll want to drink.  Yeah, that’s audacious.  But here’s the kicker – there won’t be any BS, and I wont review crap I don’t like.  The ones I do like I’ll tell you why, I’ll tell you what food I had with it, if people enjoyed it with me I’ll tell you what their thoughts were.  Hell, if I had music on maybe I’ll even tell you that (unless it was something I’m way too embarrassed to say I enjoyed).

You won’t read “on the nose” and you won’t read “bouquet” (unless I’m bored of the word “smells” and then maybe you will, but I will disclaim and apologize).

“Legs”.  Yeah, look, we will just go with sugar content if necessary but it probably won’t be.

All the other fancy words will be left mostly to the highly paid well dressed sommeliers out there online.  If they can sense hints of a freshly opened sleeve of tennis balls in a white or worn leather sandals in a red then they are greater beings than I.  Hat tip to them and so be it.

Ok, on to the bias: EVERYONE IS BIASED.  People have favourite bands, favourite cars, favourite clothing labels etc etc etc.  My favourite wine is Pinot Noir right now.  That has changed over the years and will probably change again, but that is my bias, plain and simple.  I’m enamoured by the differences between the French, Californian, Oregonian, British Columbian, and Ontario’s Prince Edward County Pinot Noirs.  It is honestly incredible.  But…..I taste many different varietals and will continue to search out new, really neat wines for your info and, well, my pleasure!

So, there’s that.  Also I prefer Reds to Whites but I am blown away when I have a nice crisp white so let’s just say I’m evolving!

Spanish wines – love ’em.  Period.

Anyway, hope you enjoy, please leave me suggestions, rants, disagreements etc in an email!