#Garnachaday is a thing.

Honestly until I checked my twitter feed over the last couple of days I would have never known there was such a thing as Garnacha Day or Grenache Day.  You say tomato….

Apparently in 2010 there was a Garnacha conference and it was so decided that the 3rd Friday in September would become an international garnacha/grenache day!  Screw those silly Beaujolais Nouveau drinkers and their 3rd November Thursdays, this shall be in the fall! And warm!  Down with Gamay and up with Garnacha/Grenache!!!

I am a victim of marketing and peer (twitter) pressure so I rushed out and bought myself a Garnacha to partake in this “event”.  I also did some reading on the “day” and the grape itself.  Little did I know I had long been a fan.  I had (because wine seems to always be in the past tense) quite a few Chateau-Neuf-du-Pape over the years.  It was a birthday ritual that somehow ended about 5 years ago (Note to Self: Start this up again).  I also have a nice Languedoc bottle waiting for the right day (which wasn’t yesterday).

So in the rush to grab a bottle I really didn’t spend much time looking around I literally grabbed the first one that I saw and it happened to be a $12 bottle of Borsao.  Nothing special for sure, but above the label was a rating that is was a great value wine!  Regardless there are so many better wines out there this was more to partake in the day rather than to experiment with better qualities.  I can do that some other time.  So off I went and grabbed some Spanish themed charcuterie for the event.

All in all even though it was a lower end Garnacha it was fun, very berry-like and sort of smoky.  I enjoyed it with the meats and would grab it again for a BBQ or pizza to be honest.  Good fun, I’ll have it again before next September!

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