County Cider Company

Look, I’m nowhere near an expert on cider – in fact, before trying some of these, I had zero interest because IT’S NOT WINE!!!!  I love apples, and especially Ontario apples but I have a principled opposition to fruit juice with alcohol (exception – WINE).  I haven’t really gotten over that opposition.  (Note: humans are full of hypocrisy)


This cider company has changed my mind a bit.  I’m still not an apple cider fan but they had 3 types that really did impress me.  So much so that I bought some for later on a hot day.  These were ciders made from pear, peach, and blood orange (separately of course).  They were very refreshing, the blood orange cider being the sweetest of the three.  That is not to say there is anything wrong with the regular apple based cider.  I bought and tried the Tortured Path cider product which is a UK inspired cider, nice and dry but just not my thing.  Everyone else I was with (who are cider fans) chose this as their favourite.

This company ahs been around for quite a while and the premises sport an absolutely amazing view.  The tasting room is really well laid out with county charm and the samples are served in flights with an informative piece on each cider. (Based on available of each of their ciders which is not always the full complement).

Visit their website to find out more, take the trip if you are near!





Raven Conspiracy


This caught my eye at the LCBO (Ontario) at the end of an aisle.  One reason being its intriguing name and label (Poe fan here), but more importantly it was discounted!

Now, I am not a huge fan of blends.  I can’t tell you why, they just seem to confuse me, but this one was really, REALLY good.  It’s called Deep Dark, and that may be a bit of a stretch as it is lighter than similar blends that have been promoted as “Dark”.  I was never really sold on the Apothic Red/Dark thing – maybe on a very cold day in the winter I could be convinced, but I just found it way too heavy.  If I wanted heavy and dark I’d spring for an Amarone.  In any case, this wine is essentially like a wimpy Apothic Red/Dark – but in a very, very good way.

It took a bit of searching around but I did find that this wine is mirrored by another Deep Dark but made with British Columbia grown grapes as opposed to this one which is from the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario.  I’d be very curious to see how it compares.  I was scratching my head wondering who actually produced this wine as it was not to be found anywhere on the label.  It took a bit of digging online but I did find a reference to Peller (Niagara) having made the wine.  I really don’t know why that would not be apparent on the label but maybe that’s to build up the mysterious side, who knows.

Regardless, I will buy more as this was a super fun wine to taste, not sure why it’s discounted, maybe it’s reached its end of production but if you can get it, do so!  I expected far less from this bottle than it delivered.   This one I totally do not regret.

(Update: after speaking with the LCBO store I found out that this wine was not discounted across all stores, just the one I had visited as they were making shelf space by discounting wines that werent selling in their location).